Posted by: rlukei | September 20, 2010

Camellia Sighted on Lake Anna 9/19

Camellia continues to explore the southern parts of Lake Anna. It appears certain that Camellia was spotted yesterday – Sunday Sept 19 – between 6:00 and 6:45pm at the Route 652 bridge (over Coleman Creek) on Kentucky Springs Rd and Cooke Lane near Robbies Island on the map. Camellia then stayed overnight near there and as of this map at 7am today, Sept 20 he was still in that location. I may have more details about the sighting later.

Update – There were two sightings of Camellia on Sunday Sept 19. The first was about noon by MagInAlex near the public fishing area at the Moody Town Rd (Rt 622) bridge on Jerdone Island. This is the second time she has located Camellia on Lake Anna.  The second sighting, described above, was by Sarah Boyle. Sarah reports that Camellia was so close that she could see the antenna on the transmitter without binoculars. I was able to confirm the reported sightings by comparing the hourly satellite data with the exact location of the sightings.

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Yes Reese!!! Details please!!!

Exciting news on the reporting!

This is such fantastic news!

Sarah!! You lucky girl!!!

So happy to be heading back to the lake tomorrow for a couple of weeks!! Plan on spending about 99% of my time with binoculars and camera and crossed fingers!

Sarah, I know you will get to see Camellia lots! We are fortunate he has chosen to stay there for all this time.
Good luck, too! I just read your reply from Mon (previous blog post), – thanks for that.

I just may have to drive over to the lake and look for Camellia myself.
I still wonder if and when he leaves Lake Anna will he will end up at Caledon Natural Area State Park? It is such a beautiful place for eagles.