Posted by: rlukei | September 27, 2010

Azalea and Camellia – One Map Sept 26

Azalea and Camellia are close enough to each other to place them both on one map. Camellia is the white data point and Azalea is the yellow data point. As of Sept they were about 25-30 miles apart.

Azalea is visiting places with which she is very familiar having spent much of last fall here in Northumberland County – Little Wicomico River near Ophelia, VA, Sydnor’s Millpond west of Edwardsville, and Hull Creek on the Potomac River. As of 8pm Sept 26 she was on a very stream south of Hull Creek. 

Camellia is a bit further west exploring what is new territory for him in Westmoreland and King George Counties between the Potomac River and the Rappahannock River. Since the last map he has stayed close to Route 3 – Kings Highway – and the communities of Oak Grove and Rollins Fork. I do not know what is attracting him to this location as there are only a couple very small ponds and some type of mining operation. As of 7am Sept 26 he was just west of Rollins Fork in a patch of woods a very short distance south of Route 3 in King George County.

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Maybe it’s a siblings get together!! Wonder how many of the other young ones are up there. How interesting.

I may have seen Azalea near Ophelia on Lighthouse View Rd (almost at the end), 5 pm Sat! Its a really lovely area with a nice array of beach-homes, pasture, timber — and, LOTS of water.
Hope they are able to meet one another, share a meal and share some stories. Won’t they be surprised to realize they are siblings!

If they stay thereabouts, I will try to head back on Sat morning. It is wonderful they are so close to one another!
Reese, thanks again for specifics!!

Mag – Azalea had been near Ophelia earlier Saturday about 1:00pm, but at 5:00pm was at Snydor’s Millpond west of Edwardsville. Thanks for your efforts in trying to find her. – Reese

This is great. Mag hope you DO get to see our Diva and get pics. We would just love to see her. Hope they do meet and mainly stay safe in their journey 🙂

Thanks Reese !!

How amazing they are so close to each other. Would be nice if MagInAlex got a picture of them together.
Thanks Reese for the updates.

It is just amazing. Thank you all so much for all the updates. It makes my day happy to read about them.