Posted by: rlukei | October 26, 2010

Camellia Flies to Lancaster County

Camellia left King George County, VA about 11am Oct 22 and has flown east into Lancaster County. He has spent the past 3 days along State Route 600 (Ridge Rd) a few miles north of Alfonso, VA. There are a couple farm ponds in the area, but other than that I don’t know why Camellia is staying in this area. As of this map at 7pm Oct 25, he was in a small patch of trees next to a farm field. The second map shows the relative location of Camellia to Azalea (blue lines), who remains in Northumberland County between Reedville and Burgess.

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Living in Illinois, I don’t know the area well, it looks to me like Azalea and Camellia aren’t that far from each other. Is that right?

Violet – Right. That is why the second map. To show that the two NBG eagles at the time were only about 10 to 15 miles apart. – Reese

Maybe Camellia likes the smell of texture of the loblolly pines at Chilton Woods State Forest! Of all the juveniles I saw near Dogue on Sunday, none of them was Camellia!
If our NBG young eagles stay on the northern neck, I will go on Sunday to look for them. Hoping!

Thanks Reese – Oh so close, yet so far aways!! I hope one day the map shows they are together!