Posted by: rlukei | November 1, 2010

Azalea Leaves Northumberland County for Halloween

Since the last map on Oct 25, Azalea has spent most of her time on the Little Wicomico River between Ophelia, Edwardsville and Burgess. This is an area with which she is vey familiar having spent most of last fall around here. However, about 2:00pm Oct 31 she  flew south crossing Lancaster County, the Great Wicomico River, Middlesex County and into Gloucester County. As of this map at 6:00pm Oct 31, Azalea has returned to the Middle Peninsula Landfill near Adner, VA on Route 17. She spent a lot of time here last December so she knows just where she is. Trick or Treat??

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Thank you so very much for the good news. I just makes my day.

thanks reese- She may be a creature of habit – stay in her comfort zone.