Posted by: rlukei | November 12, 2010

Azalea Going from Dump to Dump

Since Halloween Azalea has spent most of her time at landfills (yes – plural!! – landfills). She left Northumberland county on the afternoon of Oct 31 and flew to Gloucester County, VA. and directly to the Middle Peninsula Landfill near Adner, VA. As she did in 2009 she spent her nights in the nearby Adner Swamp. She visited the landfill every day until Nov 6 when she flew west spending the night on the Gloucester/Middlesex County line on the Piankatank River. The next morning she flew further west to the King and Queen County Landfill where she visited from Nov 7 through Nov 11. She is spending her nights just east of the landfill and east of Route 610 in a patch of woods and that is where she is on this satellite map. As Libby Mojica pointed out a few weeks ago, the main attraction at these landfills are the gulls and other critters that are attracted to landfills, and hopefully that is what she is feeding upon.

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I have never known a dumpster- diver til now.
Seriously, she gave up a fish diet for Lord knows what.
Maybe she needed a varied diet? is a fish only diet missing other vital nutrients?
So many questions.
Thanks Reese for another look into our girls habits.

Hard to bellieve she gave up catfish for a landill! Makes you wonder what the attraction is.

Many thanks for the updates on our beautiful birds.

Let’s hope she is being picky about what she eats from the landfills. Reese, as always, thanks for the updates!