Posted by: rlukei | November 30, 2010

Azalea Make Roundtrip to Newport News, VA

Azalea made a three day visit to Newport News, Va. She was last in the Adner Swamp in Gloucester County on Nov 24 at midnight. After again visiting the Middle Peninsula Landfill she left there on Nov 25 and crossed the York River  flying to Harwoods Mill Reservoir and Newport News Park near the Newport News-Williamsburg Airport. She spent the next 3 days there, venturing into Hampton over Big Bethel Road on Nov 26. She left on Nov 27 flying first to the James River at Goose Island, then right back to Gloucester County and the Middle Peninsula Landfill where she is as of this map on Nov 28 at 8:00am. The white data point is Nov 24 and the yellow data point is Nov 28. A roundtrip!!

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You are a wonderful amazing eagle!!!

Just wondering if there is a communal eagle roost near Newport News? ALWAYS wondering what motivates the travels and rests of the magnificent creatures!

Thanks to you and the eagles, am learning a lot about the geography of Virginia, Reese!!

Response: To our knowledge there is not an eagle communal roost in Newport News. There is a nest in the area visited by Azalea. She may have been attracted by the ducks that use the Reservoir. – Reese

OMG Azalea was right across the street from me at Harwoods Mill!! My adopted baby came to say hi. Wonderful news Reese!!! It just made my day. Thanks……when will the eagle cam come up?

Patti – The cam will be back up, but we need to be certain that the eagles are going to use the new nest first. That will require that the camera and transmission equipment be moved. It will be sometime after Dec 15. If the eagles decide to stay in their 2010 nest, we still need to clean the camera. The camera hood is covered with spider web and several dead spiders. – Reese

What a wonderful privilege to be able to receive so much info from CCB! Always looking forward to updates. Thanks for sharing.