Posted by: rlukei | December 17, 2010

Azalea Remains at Newport News Park 12/16

Azalea has spent the entire week at Harwoods Mill Reservoir in Newport News Park (actually located in York County). One minor exception on Wed Dec 15 when she made one short flight south over Big Bethel Reservoir then back to Harwood Mills Reservoir. As of this satellite map at 5:00pm Dec 16 she is near the north end of the Reservoir just south of Denbigh Blvd.

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I saw her Wednesday morning, December 15, at about 7 AM, flying over the lake at Victory Blvd and Kiln Creek Parkway.

Charles, did you get a picture?

I’m going to the Harwood Mills area tomorrow. Hope I see her!

Unfortunately not. I was taking the dog out for his morning walk and was checking the sky as I usually do. I knew from the previous updates that Azalea was at Harwoods Mill, so I check the sky when I go outside. Azalea was gone behind the house across the street before I could get my cell phone out.

This afternoon I saw another sub adult eagle near Hampton Roads Center Parkway and Magrauder Blvd. I’ll be checking the next update to see if Azalea was in that area today about 3:15.