Posted by: rlukei | December 20, 2010

Camellia near Wilmot, VA

Camellia has not gone far since our last map. After his visit to Fort A.P. Hill, he returned to familiar grounds in King George County between Montague and Whites Corner. He stayed there until the afternoon of Dec 17, and then flew east to a location on the Rappahannock River that is west of Wilmot, VA. He is still there as of 10:00am Dec 19. This is a remote area of forest and farmland and very few, if any, people.

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Bald Eagles Drop in Sterling, Virginia Front Lawn.

It’s funny what news you can find on the Internet! It’s sad what News People don’t know about nature. Yes, Virginia, Eagles do have SEX too! It is that time of year for Raptures to start to raise a new family!…-Front-Lawn-112252779.html

I could not get the link above to work. Try this – and its Raptors not Raptures. Locking talons is common, but they would not have been having sex when doing so. – Reese