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She is meeting with her sister NX and will tell her all the good spots to fish, especially, the cat fish.

The flounder is plentiful here along with other goodies–eels, menhaden, -she is a very smart one and will probably meet up with NX even if it hasn’t happened yet. What a fabulous place to be entertained and viewed. Am going with camera in hand this PM to try to see eagles. Will tell you what I can find.

Reece– know eagles eat both fresh water and salt water fish so do they prefer one over the other?

Response – Bald eagles are partial to freshwater fish – Reese

Reese: Heatfelt thanks for all your efforts in keeping us abeast of Azalea’s and Camellia’s activities. I thoroughly enjoy and so look forward to reading your descriptive updates. Am sure I speak for many others that don’t communicate as much as they like to–know how much wildlife lovers appreciate you!! God bless you.

Do hope NX can learn form big sis. HAs anyone heard if Dad norfolk has a new friend?

Response – The male has been seen with another adult eagle a few times including yesterday and early this morning Sept 23.

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