Posted by: rlukei | October 28, 2011

Azalea Still in Northumberland County, VA

Azalea is still flying about the Little Wicomico River watershed. There has been at least two sightings of Azalea in the past two days. Photos of Azalea were taken by Barbara Melton as Azalea was just off US Route 360 east of Burgess, VA yesterday about 11:30am. Satellite data confirms that is right where she was. This morning I received a message from Smith Point Marina that three bald eagles were soaring overhead screaming at each other about 6:30pm last evening. Again satellite data show that Azalea was in that area at that time. Here are her locations the past three days. Yellow arrow – Smith Point Marina 10:00am Oct 25, Green pointer 1:00am Oct 26, Blue pointer 1:00am Oct 27, Pink pointer 1:00am Oct 28, White arrow (this map) 10:00am Oct 28.

I have received permission from Barb Melton to post two of her photos of Azalea taken on Oct 27. Azalea is now 2 1/2 years old and beginning to get a white head and yellow beak. Her age classification is known as basic subadult II. Thanks Barb.


I have been to see this little one several times in the last week and she keeps avoiding me–gotta keep looking up when on 360 I guess.

Reese– how long yet before she will be looking for a mate? Aren’t some interested at 4 years? Thanks for all you do to make EN so happy with these guys. Always a pleasure to follow them.
Response – At least another 2 years which will make her 4 1/2 years old. Yes some bald eagles have been known to mate at that age but usually at least 5 yrs old.

Please communicate to Reese Lukie that he, or CCB, may use any pictures of Azalea taken by me on the 27th. Would only ask for acknowledgement. Contact me at E Mail provided if needed. Thanks CCB!!

So our little girl is growing up….yellow beak and beginnings of white feathers on her head. It will be a sad day for all of us when the transmitter no longer works and we can’t keep up with her. She certainly likes to travel…unlike NX! Thanks to Barbara for the pictures! Thanks to you for the update.

Thanks so much for the photos of Azalea. It is wonderful to see our girl maturing and looking so beautiful . . .

Thanks Barb for the photos. Also glad that NX reported in.

Thanks Barbara and Reese for posting these pics of Azalea. She is so beautiful!