Posted by: rlukei | April 12, 2012

Azalea Remains at Honey Bee Golf Course Apr 11

Other than one overnight trip to Stumpy Lake, Azalea has stayed at Honey Bee Golf Course for the past three days. Here are the color data points – YELLOW arrow Apr 9 at 7:00am (North Landing River behind Rosemont Forest Elem School) – PINK pointer Apr 10 at 6:00am (Stumpy Lake Golf Course) – GREEN pointer Apr 11 at 6:00am (Honey Bee Golf Course) – and as of this map WHITE arrow Apr 11 at 7:00pm.

Pam Monahan captured Azalea on April 11 engaged in an altercation with one of the adult bald eagles that has been at Honey Bee Golf Course.

Photo copyright by Pam Monahan and used with permission.





Altercations look different when you “know” one of the eagles.

Awesome photo!! Reese, I thought adults and juvies coexisted (rather) peacefully?

I hope she is okay…

Also wondering about adults & juvies coexisting. Do hope she will stay safe. Thanks for the great photo.

And then there are the incredible pics Cary got of Azalea and brother HK doing the cartwheel thing. Three years and three weeks after their 3rd hatch day, there are the two siblings – together!

Between that and the As the Nest Turns events, it’s just awesome what can be learned because so many people have become invested in the birds who have lived and fledged from this remarkable nest. Thank you, Reese and CCB, for bringing these eagles into our homes, businesses and lives!