Posted by: rlukei | April 15, 2012

Camellia Make Round-trip Lynndale to Lynndale

Camellia has been revisiting old fishing grounds by way of a 3-day roundtrip. He began on Lynndale Rd in Little Neck (YELLOW arrow Apr 12 at 1:00am). He flew west from there back to the eastern branch of the Elizabeth River near I-64 and the Avalon Terrace neighborhood (PINK pointer Apr 13 at 1:00am). He then continued his trip flying a couple miles north to Lake Taylor, also along I-64) and spent the night on the Virginia Wesleyan campus (GREEN pointer Apr 14 at 1:00am). From there he flew to Shore Drive then Pembroke then right back to Lynndale Rd in Little Neck where he is as of this map – WHITE arrow Apr 15 at 1:00am.


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