Posted by: rlukei | April 28, 2012

Camellia at Red Wing Lake 4/27

Camellia began this period at Kings Grant Lake in Va Beach (YELLOW arrow Apr 24 at 1:00am), but moved back to the Brown Cove area about 7:00am. He spent the next night at Lynndale in Little Neck (PINK pointer Apr 25 at 1:00am), then returned to Brown Cove and spent the next night off Inlynnview Rd (GREEN pointer Apr 26 at 1:00am). The next morning he flew to the Elizabeth River at Carolanne Farms, then flew back east to Red Wing Lake for the night (PURPLE pointer Apr 27 at 1:00am). As of this map he was still at Red Wing Lake – WHITE arrow Apr 27 at 9:00am.


He’s sort of kitting some of the spots that Azalea has been to…….next stop – Honey Bee?!?! We’re waiting!! Thanks for your time putting these maps together for us, Reese!

Shelly…ohhh…. Az and Cammy together at HB? What a happy thought and I’m ready! As always, thanks Reese for sharing your time and knowledge and maps! and ..