Posted by: rlukei | December 18, 2013

KE on Pamunkey River – King William County Dec 12

KE has been exploring a new area for herself near Glen Allen and Wyndham, VA. From there she returned to Hanover County and then on Dec 12 flew south of US Route 360 to the Pamunkey River in King William County. Follow the GREEN line from Dec 4 to Dec 12 – YELLOW arrow, PINK, GREEN, BLUE, ORANGE, PURPLE, YELLOW pointers, and as of this map WHITE arrow – Dec 12 at 4pm.

20131212 KE20131212 KE King William


I love how KE seems to head back to get her bearings, time and time again. (This time by going back to Pamunkey/ east of Hanover; in the past, back to Fort Washington area; and the King George Landfill area).
Last week, it looks like she was hoping to have a day at Kings Dominion, only to find it all locked down. I think she is homeward bound for the holidays!
Reese, thanks for your dedication to these beautiful creatures and for your patience with all of us. May 2014 bring good things to our eagle community.

This area must suit you KE.. stay safe.. Reese I have seen Red Tail hawks “stash” food ..hidden away to be eaten later..Is this something Eagles do also ?

Response – Can’t say I have ever seen eagles stash food, but sometimes not finish a prey item until later.