Posted by: rlukei | December 19, 2013

Camellia – Benefit Rd – Chesapeake Dec 19

Once again, because of the cloudy weather the solar battery for the satellite transmitter Camellia is wearing has been too weak to send a signal. It began sending a signal at 1:00pm yesterday Dec 18. We know where he is as of 1:00am this morning – north of Benefit Rd in Chesapeake in a heavily wooded area – WHITE arrow. Camellia has been here before. Yellow arrow (Red Wing Golf Course) Dec 11 at 3:00pm, PINK pointer Dec 13 at 1:00am, PURPLE pointer Dec 18 at 1:00pm and as of this map WHITE arrow Dec 19 at 1:00am.

20131219cam20131219 Cam Chesapeake


So happy that he’s back and spent some time in the sun. That he is so close to us is a bonus, hope to see him soon and get proof!

Thanks so much Reese

Getting ready to go to Chesapeake.I’ll be looking for you Cam..but I will be driving.Saw 2 adult’s yesterday morning in a dead tree at the Chesapeake express high rise bridge.they are easy to spot.. so exciting… thanks for the update Reese

I see eagles off that bridge often Pat. I hope you can spot the Stinker!!!

Merry Christmas Reese and followers of the eagles.

Maybe he’ll show up for Christmas somewhere local! Thanks, Reese – always appreciate the updates!