Posted by: rlukei | January 3, 2014

Camellia Near Centerville 12/31/2013

Camellia continues to have solar battery issues – low voltage resulting in the transmitter not being able to transmit data to the satellite. However, there is data still being collected. Thanks to the computer wizzardry of Libby Mojica here are four data point locations for Camellia. Libby advises that 10 of the 20 eagles being tracked are experiencing the same problem. Shorter winter daylight hours and stormy weather mean less time for the batteries to get charged.  Sunshine – we and Camellia need more sunshine.

Pink Dec 19

Green Dec 25

Blue Dec 28

Orange Dec 31

20131231 Cam20131231 Cam Close


I just want to say your site is so cool! I have been thinking about investing in a GPS satellite transmitter for bird tracking for a while. I am a big fan, just wanted to say hello!

Amen to more sunshine Reese..I’am surprised it is transmitting at all..I bet I have seen you flying Cam Have been going up that way often lately ..(sigh) maybe one day…Thanks Libby(fingers crossed for a new Cobb Isl. cam) Thank to you too Reese..

Reese, Libby, thanks! Glad you guys could squeeze some data points out. Hope he is able to keep transmitting.

Thanks so much Libby! Glad to see Cammy staying in the area. Let the sun shine!

Thank you Reese.

So glad to know he’s all right! Thank you Reese and Libby!

Thanks, Reese – and Libby!!! Bring on the sun!

Thanks for your diligence, Reese and Libby. Glad to get news of Cam’s whereabouts. Shine on.