Posted by: rlukei | January 3, 2014

KE in Surry County Dec 31 2013

For the first time since leaving Virginia Beach on July 29, 2012, KE has come close to her natal territory. On Dec 27 at 3:00pm – PINK pointer –  she made a flight to Portsmouth. As of this map she is in Surry County, VA – WHITE arrow – and has been flying into Isle of Wight County. Follow the GREEN line.

20131231KE20131231 KE Surry County


Its very exciting that KE has almost found her way home! (Maybe 40 miles?) I hope she is able to get back to say hi to her parents before they are too involved with new nest season. She could be there already, – 3 days after data date!
Thanks for letting us know where she is. Hope she settles in somewhere for a few weeks so you guys can find her. Happy New Year KE!

KE, finish sowing your oats, then come home. We will be waiting for you.

I really like the ‘date/time points’ on the map.

Thanks so much Reese

Good to hear from you KE..hope someone gets your pix before you change your mind an head up north..Thanks Reese

My husband and me saw two Eagles in our back yard this afternoon, they were raising a rukus in the top of some tall oak trees in our back yard, when the dogs ran out to see, and I was right behind them, the pair took flight, my husband got a good look from them perch in the tree and take off in their flight. I only got to see the backend of it all. Lived here in Suffolk Va. first positive sighting of Eagles ever here, and right in our own yard off 58 at Godwin, hope we can see just one more time!
Response – There are bald eagle nests in Suffolk. Check the “eagle nest locator” at