Posted by: rlukei | January 6, 2014

Camellia – South Centerville Near Beaver Dam Jan 5, 2014

Camellia’s transmitter began sending a signal on Jan 4 at 2:00pm (Yellow Arrow) and as of Jan 5 at 5:00pm (White Arrow) he was sitting right on the edge of South Centerville Turnpike north of Beaver Dam Road. The Pink marker is in the same location at Jan 5 at 1:00am so that is where he roosted for the night.

20140105 Cam20140105 Cam Centerville Close


Good news, thanks Reese!

Once again, you are a champion of the eagle world.

Happy to see him consistently on the grid!

Was getting worried that his transmitter had quit. Thanks for the update, Reese!

Map Day!!, he is Stinking up Chesapeake for a change. Nice to see him back.

Thanks Reese.

You got that right Ms are sooo close to I saw you Sat. an hubbie said that’s a Turkey V..Ha Thanks Reese