Posted by: rlukei | January 7, 2014

Camellia – Elbow & Centerville Jan 6

Camellia moved north early yesterday morning to the area near the landfill at the intersection of Centerville Turnpike and Elbow Rd. As of this map at 1:00pm Jan 6 (White arrow) Camellia is just south of Elbow Rd.

Camellia, “I am camera shy. Catch me if you can!!”

20140106cam20140106cam Elbow Rd Jan 6


Cam all I hope for is to catch you sitting in a tree or flying over my car ..Ms Beverly can catch you an Reese too,,Stinker..Thanks for the update

So near yet so far! He IS a stinker !! (Bev’s “favorite name for him – and I think we can all agree!!)

Pat… We’d just spent 2-3 rainy hours looking for that Stinker, south, where he was per the last map.

We decided to go to HB, we were at the exact intersection that that Stinker was, at the same time!
We will be trying again or still!

Thanks Reese