Posted by: rlukei | January 12, 2014

Camellia at South Centerville and Beaver Dam Jan 12 – 1am Updated

Camellia’s transmitter fell silent again from Jan 6 to Jan 9. The transmitter began sending a signal again at 3pm Jan 9 (PINK). As of this map he is near  Beaver Dam and South Centerville Parkway at 1am this morning Jan 12 (WHITE arrow). His data points – YELLOW arrow Jan 6 at 10:00am, PINK pointer Jan 9 at 3:00pm, GREEN pointer Jan 10 at 2:00pm, BLUE pointer Jan 11 at 10:00am, ORANGE pointer Jan 11 at 3:00pm, and as of this map WHITE arrow Jan 12 at 1:00am.

20140112 Cam20140112 Cam Centerville Jan 12

The emengency response team of Shirley and Jim Yanello rushed right out to Beaver Dam Road this morning and located Camellia in flight. Here are three of Jim’s photos (copyrighted). First time in months we have had his photo. The longer wing feathers are older, and shorter ones are newer.

IMG_2113 S Yanello 1-12-2014IMG_1970 S Yanello 1-12-2014IMG_1961 S Yanello 1-12-2014


Oh my ..hope you faired well in that storm last night..I bet Ms Beverly can find you…Thanks as always Reese for the update..

Excited that The Stinker is still around. Sunny skies Cammy, soar like the eagle you are and charge your battery! Will be looking for you!

Thanks Reese

Thanks Reese!

Thanks for the update..Shirley spotted him and I got his picture.

Great spotting Shirley, it’s so good to see him good job Jim. He sure does Stink!

SO glad he’s been spotted and that dang transmitter is getting charged!!!

Nice going, Team Yanello!! I’m glad to see how he looks now – pretty much like HK a year ago 🙂

Hip hip hooray Team Yanello. Spotting team extraordinaire!

Hooray for Jim and Shirley! Thank you for jumping up and dashing over!! We are so glad to see him again! You guys are ‘da bomb’!! Thanks for this wonderful and astounding network of resources!

Wow – he looks great! Our boy is growing up and becoming a beautiful eagle!

Oh, this is so wonderful. Thanks Reese, Shirley, and Jim! Cammy sure looks good!!!

Forgot to add – GREAT find Shirley – and Jim!!!

Yay! Go Team Cammy!

Thanks for the update, Reese. Nice spotting, Shirley and thanks for sharing your photos, Jim. You guys rock!

Good work–Team Yanello! Love the pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks so much, Shirley and Jim! So great to see our boy looking so good! Another chip off the old block for Dad and another beautiful legacy and reminder of our beloved Mom.

Now somone needs to go see if Azalea is catfishing in NC.