Posted by: rlukei | January 15, 2014

KE Transmitter Has Stopped Working – Dec 31, 2013

The juvenile female bald eagle known as KE was fitted with a cell technology transmitter on May 22, 2012 at her nest tree in the Saw Pen Point neighborhood in Virginia Beach, VA. The transmitter sent its last signal at 4:00pm EST on December 31, 2013. KE was in a farm field in Surry County, Virginia at that time. After obtaining permission I searched the field extensively and found no signs of feathers, the transmitter and of course KE in that field. We can just hold out hope that one day KE will be seen again.

The egg containing KE was laid about Feb 22, 2012. She hatched March 31 and was fitted with a transmitter on May 22, 2012. She was also banded with USGS band #0679-01375 on her right leg and Purple band KE on her left leg. She fledged from her nest on June 14 and left her natal area on July 29 heading north to Middlesex County, Va. During the 566 days she was wandering about with her transmitter working she traveled as far north as East Waterford, PA and as far south as Chowan County, NC. She spent much of her time on the Pamunkey River near Hanover, VA. She never did return to her natal territory in Virginia Beach, VA. During those 566 days she avoided having her photograph taken, preferring to stay in areas very hard for people to find her.

Here is a map of her travels:

20140115 KE Final Map

This is KE on May 22, 2012 when she was fitted with her transmitter (Photos copyright Reese F Lukei Jr)

Eagles Saw Pen Banding 096Eagles Saw Pen Banding 107Eagles Saw Pen Banding 112



Awww darn it!!! Hoping for the best.

Wishing KE well.

KE, you take care. We will continue to check your favorite places in hopes we will see you!
You were on your way home! Get over there and say Hi to Shelly and Reese as they visit Saw Pen nest this season.
I can’t help but hope that your transmitter isn’t completely dead and will recharge when the sun decides to shine for more than a few days.
Reese, thanks for looking for her!

Hope you are safe KE..and live a long life an have many chicks…maybe we’ll see you again lil one…Thanks Reese..always hard to lose contact with the “kids”

Really, really hoping the battery just needs charging. Hoping she is alive and well and will be seen soon.