Posted by: rlukei | January 16, 2014

KE Transmitter Resumes Working Jan 15 2014

For an unknown reason the cell transmitter that KE is wearing stopped sending a signal from Dec 31 to Jan 12 at Noon. The transmitter is one that was in the developmental stage  by Microwave Telemetry and data that KE has been sending for the past 19 months has been helping to improve the current transmitters.

So, where is she!!. While I was searching for KE in a soggy farm field in Surry County, she had crossed the James River and was visiting the Walmart distribution center just off I-64 in James City County, and just north of Newport News, VA. As of this map KE was between I-64 and US Route 60 on the Newport News side of Skiffes Creek Reservoir (White arrow).

20140116 KE20140116 KE Skiffes


This is GREAT news! It’s thrilling to know she is out and about, now we need her to come this way!

Many thanks to Microwave Telemetry for their efforts to improve current transmitters.

Thanks so much Reese, hope you didn’t get too soggy! Maybe KE has some Stinking genes too?

Yay!! Atta girl!!

I was just fixing to type, “Now there’s a stinker for you”, when I read Beverly’s comment. She beat me to it.

Good news. Guess it could have been just a little better if her transmitter had posted before Reese messed up his boots in that Surry field.

What a stinker! I’m glad her transmitter is reporting her location again.


This is wonderful news..stinker indeed…Poor Reese trying to keep up with the “kids”..they are a handful..Thanks for the update

Good news that KE is up and running again! Thanks, Reese!