Posted by: rlukei | January 18, 2014

KE Returns to Surry County Jan 16

KE has returned to the same farm field in Surry County, VA (White arrow – Jan 16 at 4:oopm). She crossed the James River, flying over the Reserve Fleet of ships between 9am and 10am Jan 16.

20140118 KE20140118 KE Surry County


Interesting! Is this about 9 miles between the two points, roughly? So perhaps she likes the Surry County/Hog Island area. It looks more peaceful. Thanks Reese!
Response – 9-10 miles as the eagle flies in a straight line. Rural vs. highly developed.

It’s wonderful to here from KE..where ever she choses to hang out..Thanks Reese..

I agree Pat, it’s great to hear from KE. 9 miles… she is our countrified urban eagle. VB is a great mix of the two, she’ll come home.

Thanks Reese… May the sun shine !!