Posted by: rlukei | February 2, 2014

Camellia Returns to Elizabeth River Feb 1 2014

I only was able to obtain a few hours data for Camellia. His transmitter did not like the snow any more than we did, and stopped transmitting between Jan 27 at 5 pm until Feb 1 at Noon. However, there is enough data to know that he was in the Mount Pleasant area at Noon Feb 1 (PINK), flew to Greenbriar by 3pm (GREEN) and as of this satellite map was back at one of his past favorite places, the Elizabeth River behind Arrowhead Elementary School in Virginia Beach at 4 pm Feb 1 (WHITE).

20140201 Cam20140201 Cam Arrowhead


He sure gets around, thank you for the update!

Maybe he’s picking out his territory for next year. Wouldn’t it be nice if he settled in around Kemps Lake! Thanks, Reese.

Good to see he’s still checking in. Thanks for the update,Reese.

Always good to see you check in Cam where ever you fly..Thanks Reese..

On February 1, my husband and I saw an eagle flying around Greenbrier. This eagle was off the parkway near the YMCA. Wondering if it could have been Camellia! We saw an eagle there last summer as well.
Response – Hi Margy – Don’t think it was Camellia as he was on or near the Elizabeth River in Virginia Beach.