Posted by: rlukei | February 4, 2014

KE at Swift Creek Reservoir Jan 30 2014

KE is visiting one of the most popular fishing holes in central Virginia, Swift Creek Reservoir ( This 156-acre body of water is a part of Pocahontas State Park in Chesterfield County ( KE left the Chesterfield landfill late on Jan 23 and arrived at Swift Creek Reservoir at 10am Jan 24 (BLUE pointer). He remained at the Reservoir as of this map Jan 30 at 4pm (WHITE arrow). Follow the color markers – YELLOW arrow, PINK, BLUE, GREEN, ORANGE, PURPLE, YELLOW pointers, and WHITE arrow Jan 30 at 4:00pm.

20140130 KE20140130 KE Swift Creek Reservoir Jan 30 2014


How wonderful to hear from you KE stay in touch and stay safe..Thanks Reese..

Good to see you leave the landfill KE. Come down our way, we have great rivers and ditches (private baths) all around.

I know a few photographers would LOVE to photograph you, show your bling!

Thanks Reese

I have been visiting Swift Creek Resevoir almost every Saturday or Sunday since the holidays. I have never seen so many eagles there. The activity has been so exciting. Everywhere I would look were eagles. It was amazing!! I went last Sunday and resevoir was mostly frozen and I saw 1 juvie standing on the ice a good distance away. I don’t know if they will come back but I hope so. It was truly a great experience for me. The coolest thing is that it was just me and all of the eagles flying around. I loved it!! I may have seen KE and didn’t even know it. I did check every picture for a band but did not have luck. Sorry for rambling. Thank you so much Mr. Lukei for all you do!!!