Posted by: rlukei | February 8, 2014

KE Has been Exploring Feb 6 2014

KE has been exploring territory that is new to her. She began the past week at Swift Creek Reservoir in Pocahontas State Park (YELLOW arrow Jan 30 at 4pm), and as of this map she is on Swift Creek Lake in Pocahontas State Park (WHITE arrow Feb 6 at 4pm). In between she made a trip west along the James River in Powhatan and Goochland counties to Croizer (PINK), Cartersville (GREEN), and Manakin (BLUE). KE also returned briefly to the Chesterfield landfill (ORANGE). The James River population of Bald Eagles has reached news highs as of 2013 (

20140206 KE20140206 KE Swift Creek Lake


So glad to hear from KE..stay safe little one..spring is around the corner..I promise..Thanks Reese

Hi Reese. Checking in here has lifted my spirit. What a joy to be able to continue following the off-spring…your work is so important on so many different levels. Thank-you…

Thanks Reese – she is doing what she needs to do– explore !!

saw several eagles @ Swift Creek Reservoir today. It was great watching them hunt. At least one juvenile was out as well.

Just FYI, Swift Creek Lake is in the heart of Pocahontas state park, Swift Creek Reservoir is actually in the middle of a residential area in southwest Chesterfield.

Response – Thanks for the correction. Viewers can check out this web site

I hope KE finds her way back to Swift Creek Resevoir. Would love to get her picture.

Shannon, go get her picture!! Surely your employer will understand your not coming to work?

Swift Creek Reservoir as well as Pocahontas State Park look like two great areas to see eagles, I’m thinking… ROAD TRIP!

Thanks as always Reese

Thanks, Reese! I feel a road trip coming on!!