Posted by: rlukei | February 15, 2014

Camellia Returns to Hillcrest in Chesapeake Feb 14

Well, once again there is very little satellite data from Camellia due to the cloudy weather we have been having. However, there is enough data to know that Camellia has been traveling from Portsmouth (last report on Feb 4) to Mason Creek in Norfolk (YELLOW), to Lafayette River in Norfolk (PINK), to Bald Eagle Road in the Holland Oaks neighborhood in Va Beach (GREEN), to Fentress in Chesapeake (BLUE), to Greenbriar in Chesapeake (PURPLE), to as of this map Hillcrest in Chesapeake (WHITE Feb 14 at 1:00am). Follow the RED line as best you can.

20140214 Cam20140214 Cam Hillcrest


I was wondering if Cam had checked in again. Thanks, Reese!

Close to the Beaver Dam Road location. hmmm Thanks Reese

Dear Reese – Please deliver the following message to Camellia:
Dear Camellia – Please visit us in Riverwalk. We have lots of fish & loblolly pines. Hope to see you soon!

Glad to hear from you Cam.. you handsome stinker..Thank you Reese..

What a difference a day makes, let the sun shine! See you soon Cammy, stick around.
Glad for some data, thanks Reese