Posted by: rlukei | February 15, 2014

KE At Swift Creek Reservoir Feb 13

KE has spent most of the past week at Swift Creek Reservoir in Chesterfield County. She did make one visit to the Chesterfield landfill on Feb 7 (PINK). You can see from the BLUE LINE that she has been all over the Reservoir from Feb 9 thru Feb 13. Our viewers report that there are several other bald eagles visiting the Reservoir. Fishing must be good!

20140213 KE20140213 KE Swift Creek Reservoir


So glad to see KE checked in and is fishing not dumpster diving..stay safe lil one.some warm weather and sunshine on the way..Thanks Reese

Very happy that KE is still in the area. I went to SCR 2/16 and 2/17 with no luck of seeing an eagle with a transmitter. The eagles that I did see or get pictures of were all juvies. That was the first time going where the eagles were perched but they would see me first and fly away. Also, saw pieces of fish on the ground and piles of feathers. So it appears they are eating very well. Thank you Reese. If KE stays around I will continue to look for her.

Response – Shannon – Thanks for being our “eyes” in Chesterfield. KE should have a lot of white in her back and her belly, known as white belly. She is transitioning from subadult basic I to subadult basic II. Her wing edges should look ragged as the new feathers she molts in to replace worn feathers will be darker and shorter. It takes several months for a complete molt to occur.

Fingers crossed for you, Shannon!!! Play with that camera!! And thanks Reese for the info about KE’s molt.