Posted by: rlukei | February 19, 2014

Camellia Flies to Hampton, VA Feb 18 2014

Thank goodness for the sun. The solar battery powering the satellite transmitter that Camellia is wearing charged up enough to send data from Noon on Feb 17 to 4pm on Feb 18. At Noon Feb 17 he was at the athletic field on the Norfolk Naval Base near the aircraft carrier piers (YELLOW). He then flew across Norfolk harbor to Hampton and spent the night behind the Benjamin Syms Middle School (GREEN). As of this map Camellia is in the Holly Homes neighborhood in someones backyard on Tartan Lane (WHITE – Feb 18 4pm). Wonder what the attraction is there?

20140219 Cam20140219 Cam Hampton20140219 Cam Tartan Lane


Don’t go near the airport! Thanks for the update.

Hmm, new territory. Thanks, Reese.

Check your tree’s folks…a stinker alert…Thanks get on back down my way Cam..

Too bad Monday was a Holiday the parade field that it looks like Cam was visiting is across the street from my building. Darn the luck.