Posted by: rlukei | February 21, 2014

Camellia Remains in Hampton, VA Feb 20 2014

Very little satellite data for Camellia but we do know where he is as of Feb 20 at 8:00am (WHITE arrow). Only one data point on Feb 19. He remains in the area of Benjamin Syms Middle School on the Hampton River and Elizabeth Lakes Estates neighborhood.

20140220 Cam


Some one has a VIP ..ah VIE.. in their back could you not notice ? Thanks Reese

CHRIS7, are you seeing this??? Remember, neither rain nor snow nor thunderstorms will keep the intrepid eagle searcher from their appointed rounds…..

Cary! I did see this before leaving for work this morning. I wanted to get out there and look for him, but I ended up at work until after dark today! Syms Middle School is only a couple miles from my house…