Posted by: rlukei | February 27, 2014

Camellia Returns to Princess Anne Country Club Feb 27 2014

After a brief visit to Great Bridge East in Chesapeake, and spending the night at Red Wing Golf Course (GREEN Feb 25 at 1am) in Virginia Beach, Camellia has again paid a visit to the golf course at the Princess Anne Country Club (BLUE Feb 26 1am, PURPLE Feb 27 1am) and is there as of this map WHITE arrow Feb 27 at 9am.

20140227 Cam20140227 Cam Princess Anne CC


Once again thank you.

Bet you are eating fish Cam..I read about fish kills in the paper…we had the same thing down here in the shallow water due to cold weather..

Camelia must be having a hard time deciding which club he wants to join. Always nice to hear from our birds and to know where they are.

Maybe he’ll do a fly-by at Honey Bee while I’m there spying on HK and his significant other.

I think you’re right Ms Pat, he is just stuffing himself with fish, maybe an occasional furry or feathery critter.

I hope someone spots him soon!!

Thank you Reese, such fun to follow our kids. Working on a crystal ball so we will know where he will be, instead if where he’s been.

Thanks, Reese!