Posted by: rlukei | March 12, 2014

Camellia in Portsmouth Mar 11 2014

Camellia has been traveling once again. A caution!! – There was no data from the satellite transmitter from 1am Mar 3 (Yellow arrow) to Mar 8 at 2pm (Pink pointer) so be careful about what you assume about Camellia’s flight path.

Yellow arrow – Fort Story – Va Beach

Pink pointer – Centerville – Chesapeake

Green pointer – Fort Monroe – Hampton

Blue pointer – Big Bethel Reservoir – Newport News

Orange pointer – Downtown Hampton

Purple pointer – Craney Island – Colonial Pipeline – Portsmouth

White arrow – Western Branch Elizabeth River – Mayflower Park neighborhood – Elizabeth Manon Golf Course just south

20140311 Cam20140311 Cam Portsmouth Mayflower Park


Bet you are sampleing all the fish in the creeks Cam..enjoy while you’ll be a papa one day an the roaming day’s will be over..ha..Thanks Reese

Keeping us hopping!