Posted by: rlukei | March 18, 2014

Camellia at Aeropines Golf Club March 16 2014

Camellia hung around the LagoMar neighborhood in Virginia Beach until the afternoon of Mar 16. He then flew to the Aeropines Golf Club at the Oceana Naval Air Station in Virginia Beach where he is as of this satellite map. He has been here before.

20140316 Cam20140316 Cam Aeropines Golf Club


Hmmmm Such a sports-lover……

I check out this site at least once a week for updates on NBG eagles, but don’t often comment and say thank you for all your efforts. I really do miss the NBG eagle cam, blog, and fellowship. Thank you Mr. Lukei.

Cammy seems to like this area, hope to see you soon.

Thanks for another Map Day Reese!

Wish he’d settle on a place! Thanks, Reese.

Thank you Reese.


Thanks Reese. So happy that Cam is still checking in! I’d love to see him start a nest somewhere!

aleays good to hear from Cam.. thanks Reese

Cam and his siblings sure do like to hang out around golf courses. Thanks for the update, Reese.

Echo Susan in MA.

Really miss the NBG cam.

Thank you, Reese Lukei

Thinking of Azalea, on the anniversary of her going silent.
Hope we see you soon, Azalea. Fly smart and strong.