Posted by: rlukei | March 21, 2014

KE Returns to Surry County, VA Mar 13 2014

After spending about 6 weeks at Swift Creek Reservoir in Chesterfield County, KE has returned to Surry County on Lawnes Creek which is south of the Surry Nuclear Power Plant and Hog Island Wildlife Management Area (WHITE arrow Mar 13 at 4PM). She first made a visit on Mar 12 and 13 to Colonial Heights and Petersburg (ORANGE and PURPLE).

20140313 KE20140313 KE Surry County



Good to hear from you KE…hope you come back to your “home” soon.. Thanks Reese

I’m glad you checked in KE. I was hoping you were still at Swift Creek Reservoir but 6 weeks was a long time in one place for you. Come back again! Thank you Reese. I enjoyed having a mission. I wish could have been lucky enough to have seen her.