Posted by: rlukei | March 23, 2014

Camellia at Bennetts Creek – Suffolk Mar 23 2014

Caution once again in reading the data from Camellia’s satellite transmitter. NO data was sent from Mar 16 at 5pm (YELLOW) to Mar 20 at Noon (PINK). He somehow flew from Oceana in Virginia Beach to Fentress in Chesapeake. From there data shows he flew from Fentress to (GREEN Mar 21 at 1am)  Portsmouth – Western Branch of the Elizabeth River, (BLUE Mar 21 5pm) Bowers Hill in Chesapeake, (PURPLE Mar 22 2pm) Craney Island in Portsmouth, and as of this map (WHITE arrow Mar 23 at 1am) Bennett’s Creek in Suffolk.

20140323 Cam20140323 Cam Bennetts Creek


Thanks again.

I’am hopeing more sunshine is all that is needed for the transmitter…Glad to see you checking in Cam..Just walked out to the bird feeders..looked up an saw a mature bald eagle flying over the pond..OMGosh! what a thrill !! So beautiful.. Thank’s Reese

I LOVE that Camellia is out here in Suffolk! Just wanted to mention that the creek marked by the white arrow is actually Knotts Creek (the development in which I live is on Knotts Creek. Bennetts Creek is the creek to the west of the arrow). I have also seen two juvenile eagles hanging around Knotts Creek the last two weeks. This is getting to be a popular place! However, there is a long-established pair of eagles on a small tributary of Knotts Creek, so I’m thinking Camellia may not stay around too long. I’ll keep an eye out for him though!

Response – Yes, Knotts Creek – spent night in yard on Bernhowe Manor Lane.

Thanks, Reese!