Posted by: rlukei | March 29, 2014

KE Visits Newport News, Suffolk, Portsmouth

KE has been on an exploratory circuit flight visiting Fort Eustis (DARK BLUE), Newport News (LIGHT BLUE), Great Dismal Swamp NWR (ORANGE), Portsmouth (PURPLE). All on March 23 and 24. She is back in Surry C0unty as of this map on Mar 26 at 4pm (WHITE arrow). Follow the BLUE line (PURPLE is Camellia).  YELLOW arrow, PINK, DARK BLUE, LIGHT BLUE, ORANGE, PURPLE, GREEN, YELLOW pointers, and WHITE arrow.

20140326 KE20140326 KE Surry County


It’s great that KE has favorite hang outs. Maybe we/ someone will be able to find her there!!?

Thanks Reese!