Posted by: rlukei | March 31, 2014

Camellia at Stonegate in Chesapeake 3/30

Camellia has returned to the Johnstown Rd area in Chesapeake. There are 6 ponds in the Stonegate neighborhood and that is where Camellia was at 6pm March 30 – WHITE arrow.

20140330 Cam20140330 Cam Stonegate


I can just see some of our friends, driving up and down the road. One of them, wearing that special hat with a fish accent on top (in lieu of feather), calling out, ‘Here Stinker, Here Stinker’. She is standing up up thru the sunroof, as usual, while the other one drives!
Girls, hide the hat! Quick!
I’m just being silly! Have fun guys, and thanks to all!

There may be fish in those pond’s Cam..but my fish are larger ..Come on down..Going to town today will be looking for U.. Reese there is a large nest on a cell tower behind Wal mart..Kohle’s .on Battlefield you know the one I mean? Is it Osprey or Eagle nest..can never catch anyone home to ID..Thanks

Response – Most likely Osprey. Someone who lives over that way may be able to check it out.

Mags, we’re trying, Cammy is such a Stinker! You remember the hat!
Looking forward to seeing you in April, it’ll feel like old times. Ideally we’ll have a new Map Day, we can look for that Stinker together!!
Safe travels, hope you’re getting to see your locals.

Thanks Reese