Posted by: rlukei | April 3, 2014

Camellia in Glenmore Neighborhood, Chesapeake 4/3/2014

“Sorry to tell those of you who were looking for me (Camellia) in Stonegate. I didn’t stay there long. I am still exploring!!”

For the past three days Camellia has been in an area just north of the Great Dismal Swamp in Suffolk and Chesapeake. As of this map at 1am Apr 3, Camellia is in the Glenmore neighborhood between I-664, Jollif Rd and Dock Landing Rd (WHITE arrow).

There was no data for March 31, however he left Stonegate late on March 30. Data points are YELLOW arrow Mar 30 at 6pm, PINK pointer April 1 at 1am, GREEN pointer April 1 at 5pm, BLUE pointer Apr 2 at 1am, ORANGE pointer April 2 at Noon, and as of this map WHITE arrow Apr 3 at 1am.

20140403 Cam20140403 Cam Glenmore


Oh you are not sorry love to tease…Stinker. Thank you Reese..

Response – You are right Pat. Camellia did not apologize.

You called that one Pat in NC, that Stinker knows that we will be right there looking for him too!

Fly safe, see you soon.

He’s playing “catch me if you can” and we’re all losing!!!