Posted by: rlukei | April 6, 2014

Camellia on Bailey Creek – Chesapeake Apr 6

Camellia is still in the same Western Branch part of Chesapeake, VA. As of this map he is right beside I-664 on Bailey Creek – White arrow at 9am April 6. No data from Apr 4 at 9am to Apr 5 at 1am. Data points are YELLOW arrow Apr 3 at 1:00am, PINK pointer Apr 4 at 9:00am, GREEN pointer Apr 5 at 1:00am, Blue pointer Apr 5 at Noon, PURPLE pointer Apr 5 at 1:00pm, ORANGE pointer Apr 6 at 1:00am, and as of this map WHITE arrow Apr 6 at 9:00am. Click on maps to enlarge.

20140406 Cam20140406 Cam Bailey Creek


Bailey Creek appears to be an eagle’s paradise, stick around Cammy, you may get to see us!

Congratulations to Judy McManaman on her recent marriage, welcome to the world of urban eagles!

Thanks Reese