Posted by: rlukei | April 13, 2014

Camellia At Lake Smith/Cypress Point Golf Club Apr 12

So much for predictions! Trying to forecast where Camellia will be is even worse than trying to tell in advance what the weather will do in an hour. Camellia stayed briefly at Pocaty River (YELLOW arrow). He left immediately for Stumpy Lake (PINK) and Gum Swamp (GREEN and BLUE), then the landfill on Centerville Turnpike (ORANGE). From there he flew north to Little Creek Reservoir (PURPLE), and as of this map at 5:00am April 12 he was at the Cypress Point Golf Club on Lake Smith (WHITE arrow).

20140412 Cam20140412 Cam Lake Smith


Thanks Reese! I always appreciate your updates.

You sure like to travel handsome Cam.Look foreward to seeing where you are on the next up date..Thanks Reese

Glad to see he’s still in the area. Thanks for the update, Reese.

Gosh, he was so close to home! That is so cool!
Thanks Reese!