Posted by: rlukei | April 16, 2014

Camellia Returns to Stonegate in Chesapeake 4/15

Camellia did not spend much time at Lake Smith  (YELLOW arrow Apr 12 at 5am)- just a brief visit. He reversed course and flew back to the Pocaty River by Apr 13 1am (GREEN) and stayed there thru Apr 14 at Noon (PURPLE). As of this satellite map Camellia is back in the Stonegate neighborhood in Chesapeake (WHITE arrow Apr 15 at 10am. Follow the ORANGE line – YELLOW arrow, PINK, GREEN, BLUE, ORANGE, PURPLE, YELLOW pointers, and WHITE arrow.

20140416 Cam20140416 Cam Pocaty to Stonegate20140416 Cam Stonegate


He sure does like to get around!!! It’ls like “catch me if you can!!”.

He likes to play that game Shelly AND is good at it!

Stinker, stay put today, watch for me!

Thanks Reese

Ok Beverly, Cammie says he’ll try, – but no promises! There’s a nice breeze calling…

A nice breeze and more fish to taste..he’s teaseing you again Ms Beverly..he is watching you an flying off..ha.that’s what “stinkers do” Thanks as always Reese…. waiting for you to check in KE !

He seems to prefer the south side cities. I kinda hope he finds a nice young female and stakes out a patch of dirt nearby as HK has. Maybe in the beach. Maybe the Kempsville GC.

Thanks, Reese.