Posted by: rlukei | April 17, 2014

KE – Transmitter Falls Off – April 10, 2014

KE is now on her own. Her transmitter fell off about April 10 in a farm field a short distance from Surry, VA. The transmitter was recovered by Bart Paxton, Wildlife Biologist from The Center for Conservation Biology. KE was fitted with a transmitter on May 22, 2012 at her nest at Saw Pen Point in the Witchduck area of Virginia Beach. She fledged on June 14, 2012 and left Virginia Beach on July 29, 2012. She never did return to Virginia Beach. Here is the final map for KE.

20140410 KE Surry


Good bye KE – maybe we will see you and your bands one day! Stay safe. Thanks, Reese.

God speed little one.

Glad the transmitter was recovered, good work!

Fly free and safely KE, we will be waiting for you come back to your natal area.

Finding and photographing KE will be more of a challenge now, but we can ID her by her purple band!

What caused it come off? I thought they stayed attached even when the battery dies. Fly free KE! I hope someone spots you and keeps us posted.

Response – The straps that hold the transmitter on have a designed average life of three years, about the same as the transmitter.

Reese, You did it! You made my jaw drop! Both that it fell off so soon and that it was recovered.

KE, Thanks for letting us tag along. Fly free and scratch that itch now that you can reach it! πŸ™‚

Reese were the straps damaged like it came off because of a fight..I know things can get heated this time of year..especially around a nest ? Sending best wishes for you KE..always in my AZ.Have a long ..happy life..
Response – I do not know the condition of the straps. Perhaps I can find out after the Easter holiday.

Wow! Well, you will just have to do another one this year, Or…….. I guess I could wait until next year, when HK produces a little one. πŸ™‚

Fly high and free KE…hoping our paths cross again…

Fly free KE!

Shoot! I was looking for a KE update, but this is not what I was hoping for.
KE, it was so fun following you about the region. You took me more places than Cammie, thanks to you spending so much time up north!
Thanks little one. Take care! I’ll look for you at all your favorite northern haunts, – the Rappahannock and King George Landfill, south of Quantico in late summer and across the river in Maryland in Sept! And Hanover in May and late fall!

Reese, thanks so much for bringing these wonderful creatures into our lives!

Goodbye and say hello to Azalea if by chance your paths should cross.