Posted by: rlukei | April 19, 2014

Camellia at King & Queen County Landfill 4/18/2014

Camellia has returned to the King and Queen County landfill. He was last there in October 2013. Follow the RED line. Camellia took the long flight route almost to Petersburg in order to get to King and Queen County. Maybe it was the winds which have been really strong the past few days. Click on maps to enlarge.

20140418 Cam20140418 Cam King and Queen Landfill


He’s off again! He sure does like moving around!!! Thanks, Reese!

Thanks, Reese. It was great seeing you yesterday.

Yes, that was a noteworthy overview of Tidewater’s eagle population. Thanks for the second act, too. I’ll not forget that picture of the bear looking straight into the lens with a touch of speculation in his gaze.

As always, thank you for posting news of Camellia’s whereabouts.

I have been watching an eagle nest cam in MN ever since losing NBG & we have a situation that you might be interested in! With three newly hatched eaglets in the nest, one of the parents brought in a female duck for food. While eating it, an egg popped out of her ‘insides’! The parents have rolled this duck egg into the nest & are turning and incubating it! Our chat is jumping with questions, as you might imagine, and we don’t have an academic adviser to help us with this. I was wondering if you might want to stop by & offer your comments, or possibly field any questions? If you can, that’d be great — and, if not, at least you can watch this with us & see what happens in 26+/- days!! You can find us by searching for MNBound Eagle Nest Cam — hope to see you there!
Response – Another viewer notified me of this event. I can say I have not seen that happen before. It will be interesting to see if the egg hatches.

Thank you, Mr. Lukei — I really appreciate your time.