Posted by: rlukei | April 28, 2014

Camellia Returns To Pocaty River Apr 27

Camellia has returned to the Pocaty River in Chesapeake – WHITE arrow April 27 at 9am. He left Gloucester early the morning of April 24 and was back in Chesapeake before 1am April 25 (BLUE pointer). Camellia spent most of April 25 at Stonegate (YELLOW pointer) and most of April 26 at Hillcrest (ORANGE pointer) before returning to the Pocaty River.

20140427 Cam20140427 Cam Chesapeake20140427 Cam Pocaty


Biting tongue!! I’ll let Bev respond!!!


Well there you go..home rain go away..come out sun and keep transmitter charged…Thanks Reese..The banded Bald Eagle being treated at WCV is not one of your’s is it?
Response – Not that I know about

I have seen at least 4 eagles at one time sat. May 3 2014 I have lots of pictures if any one is interested.

Sandra Craze

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