Posted by: rlukei | June 6, 2014

Camellia at Kemp Woods – Centerville – Chesapeake 6/5/14 – Update

Photos of Camellia this morning June 6  by Jim and Shirley Yanello at Centerville & Volvo Parkway in Chesapeake.

IMG_8423 Cam 060614 on tower S YanelloJIN_8993 Cam 060614 J Yanello


Camellia has wandered a bit north in Chesapeake to the Centerville area near the landfill to the Kemp Woods neighborhood between Kempsville Rd and Centerville Turnpike. He was there as of 6:00pm June 5 – WHITE arrow.

20140605 Cam20140605 Cam Kemp Woods


That is less than a mile from the house, we are on it!! Thank you !

We found him and got pictures, thanks to you Reese!!

Great work Jim and Shirley! Wow that tower shot is amazing and soooo close!!

Thank you Reese! What an unbelievable morning!

Good pictures of the Stinker! Hope he didn’t fly too far away!

Thanks Reese!

Wonderful pictures, Shirley and Jim! Good spotting.
Thanks for the update, Reese.

Way to go, Shirley and Jim!! What an exciting way to start your day!

Great news & pics, Jim and Shirley!!!

He is truly one handsome eagle! Thanks for going after him and securing these shots. Lives up to his heritage!

Isn’t that amazing! Great pics!

What beautiful photo’s thank you ,It’s always a thrill to see handsome Cam

Yeah, what a team! Shirley, you won the award lifetime achievement award with this one. You are forever in our hearts!
This whole NBG/CCB community is forever in my heart. Thanks Reese.

Thanks Jim, Shirley, and Reese, it’s so wonderful to see him! Great pics!