Posted by: rlukei | June 8, 2014

Camellia in Oaklette Neighborhood on Indian River June 7

Cam June 6 2014 S Yanello

Photo By Shirley Yanello – Camellia on power pole 7am June 6 – see PINK pointer on map

JRDeal _113536_2014-06-07_07_17_24

Photo by James Deal – Camellia on power pole 7am June 7 – see BLUE pointer on map

Camellia has moved on. The afternoon of June 7 Camellia flew north to Indian River in Chesapeake and as of this map – June 7 at 5pm – he is in the Oaklette neighborhood behind a home on Oaklette Dr. – WHITE arrow.

20140607 Cam20140607 Cam Photos on power pole20140607 Cam Oaklette Indian River


Beautiful pictures, Shirley and Jim. Thanks for sharing.

Both pictures are so great–I want to say he is absolutely beautiful but know it is handsome. Thanks both Yanellos and James Deal for making these possible. Your faithful following has made it possible for all of us to enjoy. And thanks to Reese for posting.

Thank’s to all the photographer’s for the beautiful photo’s of our “boy”..he’s not easy to catch..(photo shy).. Doing a “taste of the town” Cam? Come try NC seafood(my house) ha… Thank you Reese.

Great pictures of The Stinker Jim Deal and Shirley!

Really great to see these. It has been an amazing week. Thanks so much, Jim Deal and Shirley! So much!