Posted by: rlukei | June 11, 2014

Camellia Is Back At Nanney’s Creek June 10

A wanderer can’t stay in one place for long or would not be a wanderer. Camellia is a wanderer. He is now back at Nanney’s Creek in Virginia Beach. He knows this area well having been here several times in the past year. Camellia was back at Nanney’s by 5pm June 9 (ORANGE) and still there as of this satellite map June 10 at 6pm (WHITE).

20140610 Cam20140610 Cam Nanneys Creek


Cam sure does like to wander! Nanneys Creek area sure would be a great territory. Yes, I was learning southern Chesapeake again yesterday, that Stinker got me again!

Thanks for the update Reese

Yes he is Reese and a stinker too thank you for the update

Thanks as always for the update, Reese.

Where to look, where to look! Thanks for the update Reese!