Posted by: rlukei | June 14, 2014

Camellia Remains at Nanney’s Creek June 14

As of 5am June 14 (this morning) Camellia is still in the Nanney’s Creek area off Mill Landing Rd in Virginia Beach. This has become one of his favorite places. Fishing in the creek and farm ditches must be good there. This map starts and ends in the same place – YELLOW arrow June 10 at 6pm and WHITE arrow June 14 at 5am. Other data points – PINK June 11 at Noon, GREEN June 12 at 6am, BLUE June 12 at Noon, ORANGE June 13 at 6am, PURPLE June 13 at Noon.

20140614 Cam20140614 Cam Nanneys Creek


Thank you for the map update, time to find him again!

Cammy sure didn’t wander between Map Days, I’d bet he is sticking his tongue out!

He’s been in this area often during his travels, I wonder if he’s been here more often than Andrea/Laura’s yard?

Hope to be seeing you Cammy, stay put!!

Thanks Reese

I hope he stays put also and everyone get’s his photo(with a mouth full of fish)maybe ND as well..Cam your leg bling says NC..come see me once in a while stinker…Thanks Reese