Posted by: rlukei | June 23, 2014

Bald Eagle “Grace” Takes Flight

Eagle Grace 2014 082

GRACE in flight June 23, 2014 – Photo by Reese F Lukei Jr

The juvenile bald eagle banded with purple leg band MR has been named GRACE. Thanks to all who helped to select her name. As of June 15, GRACE has left her nest tree and taken flight. That evening GRACE and a sibling were seen in the top of a loblolly pine about 70 feet from their nest tree.

Eagles Saw Pen 2014 020

GRACE and sibling June 15, 2014 – Photo by Reese F Lukei Jr

Eagle Grace 2014 049

GRACE will have to get used to being chased (mobbed) by smaller birds like this purple martin. Photo by Reese F Lukei Jr

Eagle Grace 2014 078

Or head back to cover in the trees – Photo by Reese F Lukei Jr

GRACE now has her own web page on Sea Turtle/Wildlife Tracking where you have the opportunity to “Adopt” her. All adoption funds donated benefit The Center for Conservation Biology and our projects like following GRACE as she travels and matures.

GRACE has been sitting in the shade since being fitted with her satellite transmitter on May 20, 2014, so her solar powered battery needs exposure to sunlight to get a good charge before it can send consistent data. Maps will be posted on this web site in the future showing the travels of GRACE.

Eagle Grace 2014 111

GRACE – “Where did those pesky little birds go?” – Photo by Reese F Lukei Jr



Yay! Grace looks awesome and I’m happy we have another Bald Eagle’s travels to follow!

This is so wonderful.. Grace we will be following you..Thanks Reese

Looking forward to tracking Grace. Thanks, Reese.

Rechecked and see that it was Grace Sherwood!

Reese, nice photos and update on Grace! So glad to hear she is airborne and has siblings to keep her company through this terrifying time! She is sure a pretty girl.