Posted by: rlukei | June 23, 2014

Camellia Near Benefit Rd June 22

After spending most of the past three days at the farm fields and ditches along Head of River Rd in Chesapeake, Camellia has flown a bit west of the Chesapeake Bypass (Rt168) to a plant farm off Benefit Rd. He may still have been in flight as of this satellite map at 5pm yesterday June 22 – WHITE arrow.

20140622Cam20140622 Cam Benefit Rd


She? (ha.Reese you keeping us on our toes) Hope some one finds you and takes your for me I’am still looking..Thanks for the update..

Response – Oopps!! Sometimes I need an editor. Thanks

Thank you for the update.

You are forgiven, Reese. Camellia does sound like a girl name. LOL. Thanks for the update.